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The Allen Davis Playwriting Lab announces its Fall Season 2017-2018. The Fall Season will consist of ten weekly sessions of two and half hours for intermediate and professional playwrights. Lab sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm starting on October 10th. Playwrights interested in participating in the Lab on an intermediate level must have experience writing well-developed scenes. Professional playwrights must have written a full-length produceable level script.

All sessions will be held at the FELT studio, located at The Clemente Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk St., Ste. 311, New York, N.Y. 10002. During lab sessions participants will receive as well as provide rigorous feedback and critique on works in progress submitted for review, including outlines, monologues, scenes, acts, one-person shows, and full-length scripts in either play or screenplay format. Produced and published playwright Mario Golden and award-winning director Andreas Robertz will run the lab. Both Mario and Andreas have vast experience nurturing playwrights in their creative process. Together they will facilitate pertinent discussions on structure, plot, characterization, dialogue, and other playwriting elements, with the aim of supporting playwrights to develop high-quality scripts.

The fee for the season is $300.00, due on the first session. Interested playwrights must submit a registration form along with payment to FELT. Payments are non-refundable once a playwright has registered. No exceptions will be made on these conditions.

For further information email and Mario Golden at

The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater, Inc. (FELT) is a non-profit production company founded in 1994. With our thought provoking, multi-media theater and film productions, we reach a multi-ethnic and inter-generational, diverse audience, representative of the nation’s cultural tapestry. Through our writing Lab, we support the development of original works by emerging and professional playwrights.

OneHeart Productions, Inc. (OneHeart) was founded in 1999 by a team of artists committed to creating theatre that is raw, alive, and vibrant. We produce plays that seek to inspire, challenge, and enlighten. Through long-term collaborations with theatre artists in New York and abroad we create projects and programs focused on community building, reconciliation, and the expansion of human consciousness.


The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater New York, FELT INC. 

Centro Cultural y Educativo Clemente Soto Vélez Manhattan (Agosto 28 –Sep 25 de 2017) 

Convoca a su curso de Formación en  DIRECCION DE ARTE PARA PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES orientado por el artista Colombiano


Desde su iniciación en las artes escénicas con el Teatro Experimental de Cali (TEC) se ha desempeñado como diseñador escenógrafo, diseñando y realizando escenografías, vestuario y efectos para numerosas obras de teatro y danza. Durante una larga temporada fue escenógrafo del ballet de la Academia de artes Anna Pavlova de Cali, Colombia bajo la dirección de Amparo Sinisterra de Carvajal e integró como miembro de planta el taller de danza contemporánea Gaudere, bajo la dirección de Elsa Valbuena.

Como Director de arte y diseñador escenógrafo de cine, ha participado en los largometrajes colombianos “El lado oscuro del nevado” y “Tacones”, director Pascual Guerrero; “El día que me quieras”, director Sergio Daw; “Pura sangre”, director Luis Ospina; “Rodrigo D”, “La vendedora de Rosas”, “Sumas y restas”, “La mujer del animal” director Víctor Gaviria; “Carne de tu carne”, “La mansión de Araucaima” del director Carlos Mayolo, con el cual realizó también varios mediometrajes y la serie de televisión “Azúcar”.

FECHAS: Agosto 28, Septiembre 11, 18 y 25 de 2017


COSTO: $350

LUGAR: Centro Cultural y Educativo Clemente Soto Velez NY, NY. 

DIRECCION: 107 Suffolk St. Studio# 311, Tercer Piso  Manhattan


Directora Felt Inc.



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