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Photo Gallery - Retro HOLA

Dear friends of HOLA: Help us identify our unknowns, approximate dates and events.
Please email to

Left to right: Iván Acosta, Miguel Ángel Dalvés, Antonietta Máximo.

Left to right: Raúl Dávila and Mirta Silvia.

Felipe Luciano.

Left to right: Luis Ávalos and Elizabeth Peña, 1975.

Left to right: Luis Ávalos, unknown, Tony Díaz.

Left to right: René Troche, Lourdes Sánchez,
Arlene Román, Emilio Rodríguez. El hombre de las voces.

Left to right: Alicia Kaplan-Rivas, David Crommett, unknown.
Two Women for One Ghost, directed by Delfor Peralta, 1984.

Gloria Irizarry and Alcalá.
El retablillo de don Cristóbal by Federico García Lorca.
Directed by Carlos Carrasco.

Jorge Ros and Isabel Segovia.

Carmen Maya and unknown.

Virginia Rambal and Norberto Kerner.

Noemí Soulet, Manny Alfaro and Nava Namdar. Oedipus Rex, 1989.

Gilbert Cruz.

Ernesto López, Edwin Sánchez and Jaime Acosta.

Left to right: Lupe Garnica, Miriam Colón, Rubén Dario Cruz,
Alcalá, Teresa Lewin.

Left to right: Hugo Halbrich, Alcalá.
El retablillo de don Cristóbal by Federico García Lorca.
Directed by Carlos Carrasco.

Upper row, left to right: Manuel Martínez, Víctor Acosta (partially obscured), Rubén Rabasa, Elizabeth Peña, David Zúñiga, Larry Ramos, Miriam Cruz (right of X-mas tree). Lower row, left to right: Eduardo Corbé, Margarita Toirac, Edwin Ávila, Jorge Ros.

Rubén Rabasa, unknown, unknown, Manuel Santiago.

Robert Montano and Elisa Loti
Picture Perfect, directed by Susana Tubert.
HOLA Festival 1990.

Top row, left to right: Eduardo Corbé, unknown.
Middle row, left to right: Rita Moreno, Larry Ramos.
Bottom, back to camera: Marta Viana. Late 1970's.

Ricardo Barber and Ana Margarita Martínez-Casado.
Revoltillo by Eduardo Machado.

Fini Moreno, Ilka Tanya Payán.

Max Ferrá, Teresa Yenque, Jaime Montilla, Mercedes Enríquez, unknown,
Eduardo Corbé, Emma Vilvas, Manuel Martínez, Israel Ramos.

HOLA Exec. Dir. Manny Alfaro and Ricardo Montalbán, 1997.

AHA-CETA Artists: Left to right: Jerry González, Alfredo Hernández, Edward Gallardo, Josefa Monker, John F.P. Román,
G. Lucero and G. Ruperto. Circa late 1970's. Possible break in rehearsal.

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