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2006 HOLA Awards

Photos by Benjamín Briu and Arthur López
(marked BB and AL, respectively)
Click here for press release and awardee list

The crowd at the Langston Hughes Atrium
at the Schomburg Center. Photo by BB.

Soledad O'Brien accepts her HOLA Excellence
in English Language Media Award. Photo by BB.

HOLA Award winners Marta Julián, Fermín Suárez, René Buch and Ana Margarita Martínez-Casado. Photo by BB.

Masters of ceremonies Jorge Ramos and Odalys Molina with HOLA Executive Director Manny Alfaro. Photo by BB.

HOLA Award winner Danny Rivera
wows the crowd. Photo by BB.

The company of The Last of Bernarda (one of the HOLA Award winners for Outstanding Achievement by an Ensemble). Photo by BB.

Presenter Miriam Colón-Valle and HOLA Ilka Award winner Danny Rivera. Photo by BB.

HOLA Award winner Johary Ramos. Photo by BB.

HOLA Award winner Soledad O'Brien and
presenter Oscar Hijuelos. Photo by AL.

Presenters (and past HOLA winners) Daphne Rubin-Vega and Miriam Colón-Valle.
Photo by AL.

José Ferrer HOLA Tespis Award winner Kamar de los Reyes addresses the crowd. Photo by AL.

Elise Hernández and Danny Rivera sing a number from the Pregones Theater show La rosa roja/The Red Rose. Photo by AL.

HOLA Award winner Ricardo Barber. Photo by AL.

HOLA Boardmember Manolo García Oliva presents a surprised Jorge Ramos with the HOLA Excellence in Spanish Media Award.
Photo by AL.

HOLA Award winner Desmar Guevara.
Photo by AL.

HOLA Award winner Jessica Florí.
Photo by AL

Margarita Toirac accepting the award for
Outstanding Dramatic Production. Photo by AL.

Chriselda Barrientes and Leonor Villanueva from HOLA Awards sponsor Continental Airlines. Photo by AL.

Past HOLA Award winner and presenter María Hinojosa. Photo by AL

HOLA Award winner Danny Rivera. Photo by AL

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