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HOLA Awards 2002 - Pictures Part 1

March 18, 2002
Attendees, please note roll and picture numbers that accompany photo.
You may order directly from photographer.
R. Klein- 212.580.0381. There are many more photos to review at HOLA office.
Please feel free to visit and make additional selections

Roll5#14 (L-R: Graciela Daniele and Priscilla López)

Roll3#26 (L-R: José Cheo Oliveras, Wanda Arriaga,
Rosalba Rolón and Susana Crisán)

Roll5#22 (Manolo García-Oliva gives emcee Odalys Molina a twirl)

Roll3#19 (L-R: Zadi Díaz, Tony Díaz,
Dr. Carmelo Santana-Mojica and Manny Alfaro)

Roll3#22 (L-R: Carmen Mahiques, the cast of Ruandi and Manny Alfaro)

Roll4#27 (L-R: Thomas Ferriter, Omar Rivera, Salty and Manny Alfaro)

Roll3#25 (L-R: Rodrigo Cameron and Francisco Fuertes)

Roll5#17 (L-R: Manny Alfaro, Graciela Daniele and Priscilla López)

Roll4#25 (L-R: Manny Alfaro and Jaime Sánchez)

Roll5#11 (L-R: Manny Alfaro and Priscilla López)

Roll3#34 (L-R: Merel Poloway Juliá and Graciela Daniele)

Roll4#15 (L-R: Miriam Cruz, Manolo García-Oliva,

Lillian Olhagaray and Vivian Deangelo)

Roll4#20 (L-R: Miriam Cruz, Manolo García-Oliva and Sully Díaz)

Roll 2#14 (NY1 News reporter Roma Torre interviews
Priscilla López as Jaime Sánchez and Fulvia Vergel look on)

Roll3#13 (SAG Board Member Paul Christie)
Part two

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