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HOLA Awards 2002


Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor

Ricardo Barber, Los cabellos de Absalón (Repertorio Español)

Daniel Marcove, Volvió una noche (Repertorio Español)

Los cabellos de Absalón

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor

Vivian Deangelo, Los soles truncos (Teatro Círculo)

Lillian Olhagaray, Volvió una noche (Repertorio Español)

Grettel Trujillo, El enano en la botella (Repertorio Español)

Outstanding Performance by a Featured Male Actor

Rodrigo Cameron, Volvió una noche (Repertorio Español)

Francisco Fuertes, Cuatro corazones con freno y marcha atrás (Thalía Spanish Theatre)

Outstanding Performance by a Featured Female Actor

Wanda Arriaga, Los soles truncos (Teatro Círculo)

Susana Crisán, Cuatro corazones con freno y marcha atrás (Thalía Spanish Theatre)

Outstanding Achievement in Direction

René Buch, Los cabellos de Absalón (Repertorio Español)

Tony Díaz, Ruandi (IATI)

Carmelo Santana Mojica, Los soles truncos (Teatro Círculo)

Rene Buch

Germán Baruffi

Outstanding Achievement by an Ensemble Cast
Yanko Bakulic, Germán Baruffi, Vivian Deangelo, Luz Marina Díaz, Pablo García Gámez, Ruandi(IATI)

Outstanding Achievement in a Dramatic Production

Los ángeles se han fatigado (Teatro Pregones)

Volvió una noche (Repertorio Español)

Outstanding Achievement in a Musical Production
Romance (SEA)
Special Achievement
in Technical Design

Jesús Ruíz
for his remarkable costume and puppetry design in Ruandi (IATI)
Special Achievement in Acting, Musical and Dramatic Production
Sully Díaz, for her extraordinary performance in the musical and dramatic production of La Lupe (Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre)

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