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HOLA Awards 1999

The lady herself
Rita Moreno

Above: Ilka Award Winner
León Ichaso

At left: Winner of the Rita Moreno HOLA Award for Excellence,
Shawn Elliot


Thank you all, winners of the HOLA Awards for Excellence in Spanish Theatre for the 1999 season!

Juan Sebastián Aragón, Mateo Gómez, Sol Miranda, Adria Santana, Abelardo Estorino, Manuel Martín, Virginia Rambal, Soledad López, Fanny Rybin, Cecil Villar, Susana Crisan, Silvia Brito, Gilberto Zaldívar, and Jorge Alí Triana.

Ilka Award: In special recognition of León Ichaso, director and film scenarist, for his extraordinary and successful effort in expanding avenues of expression for Hispanic performers and all artists of color.

Rita Moreno HOLA Award for Excellence: In special recognition of Shawn Elliott for his professional excellence and high standards in the accurate and non-stereotypical portrayal of Hispanic culture and people.

Raúl Juliá HOLA Founders Award: In special recognition of Silvia Brito, Luz Castaños, Miriam Colón Valle, Max Ferrá, Elsa Ortíz, Frank Robles, Margarita Toirac, Abdón Villamizar and Gilberto Zaldívar in recognition of their creation of today's American Spanish theatre movement.

Greeting the guests at the Players Club on Gramercy Park South

Raúl Juliá HOLA Founders Award winners: (Left to right) Margarita Toirac, Frank Robles, Elsa Ortíz, Gilberto Zaldívar, Max Ferrá, Miriam Colón, Abdón Villamizar, Luz Castaños (Rene Buch lending support) and Silvia Brito.

Left to Right : Miriam Colón; Sol Miranda; Merel Julia Poloway and Manuel Martín.

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