Part One

Answers to questions posed by members at the annual
HOLA Membership Meeting
January 14, 2008

Read by Manny Alfaro, A.B. Lugo, Blanca Vásquez,
Jean-Marc Berne and Raquel Gutiérrez Rivela

  • Will HOLA in the near future initiate events where the actors will have access to decision makers where they can promote themselves or procure working opportunities?

Answer: yes, HOLA plans a producing workshop where HOLA members will have the opportunity to learn how to become the “decision makers” and create their own working opportunities.

  • How can I get representation by an agent? Or by an agency? When I go to auditions I always put down HOLA but I don’t know if this is legal for me to do that and I don’t want to get sued by HOLA.

Answer: No you won’t get sued, yes put down HOLA only when you are going to an audition that we informed you of. HOLA is not an agent, although we do sometimes works like a talent agency. To get an agent, get Ross Reports read it thoroughly and mail your headshot and resumes to the agencies you think will need your type, and skills. Do theatre in New York, and send the agents postcards and invitations to the shows you are in. Put your work on YouTube and send agents the link.  Having your headshot and resume on the HOLA pages is a good start, but it is not always enough. You don’t need an agent to book work. You can contact casting directors yourself.