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Theatre Tonight?
The New York Metro area is always alive with theatre, especially Spanish theatre serving the nation's largest concentration of Spanish speaking immigrants from all over the globe.
New York City is the crucible where future Hispanic talent is forged, tried and tested. HOLA is proud to bring you performance announcements as they happen. Click at right and visit our "In Performance" website.

All HOLA members, whether they are members of a performer union or not, are entitled to be a member of the Actors Federal Credit Union.



The HOLA Story
Thirty-five years ago, a core group of professional Latino actors working in New York, including some famous ones like José Ferrer and Raúl Juliá, decided to address the inequities created by the casting system that underemployed Hispanic actors and relegated Latino characters to negative stereotypes. Early encounters with the casting system showed how to gain fair access.

By building solid relationships with media producers and casting agents, HOLA bit by bit, friend by friend, and committee by committee helped reshape our future. One example of HOLA’s struggle, on behalf of Hispanic actors, was the well publicized collaboration with Actor’s Equity Association to ensure appropriate casting for Death and the Maiden on Broadway in the 1990’s. Since then there has been no major incidents of inappropriate casting on Broadway.

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the City of New York, Department of Cultural Affairs, CBS Diversity and Delta Airlines.

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