Paul Mauriello

(203) 675-3740
Tsu Tsu Unlimited
(212) 989-3424

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Regional Theatre
The Wake Angry Student Tripeg Studio
Livewire Showcase Forrester Abrons Arts Center
Feature Film
Ditch Alphonso/Supporting Gary Fierro
BearCity Bob/Dayplayer Douglas Langway
Gun Hill Road Prisoner/Dayplayer Rashaad Ernesto Green
Mommy's Box Singing Bar Patron/D Johnny Greenlaw
Under JakobÂ’s Ladder Russian Guard Drago/ Mann Munoz
One Bedroom The Removal Man/Supp Christiane Hitzemann/Colu
Honk! Cable Company Guy/Da Lars Fuchs
The Highest Bid Lou/Supporting Steven Morin/Corbin Liss
Alien Opponent Master Splinter/Supp Colin Theys
Demon of Castlebury Sam Gordan/Supportin Mark Daniel
El Garro Marquez/Dayplayer Ali Abouomar
Life on Mars Bouncer ABC/Alex Zakrzewski
Alice in Wonderland TV Sp Critic/Lead Al Thompson/Greg Stees
30 Rock Crew Guy/Dayplayer NBC/Don Scardino
Mafia Negra “Tu nombre” Club Patron Mike Mic/Artesano Music/T
KINGS Military Officer NBC/Clark Johnson
Happy Temps [one webisode Joey Spaddacino/Lead Toni Villines/Ken Villine
Bored to Death Angry Man/Dayplayer HBO/Adam Bernstein
Mafia Negra “Cuidao por a Photographer Mike Mic/Artesano Music/T
Linked [two webisodes] Detective Washington La Mega/Lauren Rivera
How to Make it in America Shopper HBO/Julian Farino
Tony & Cal [one webisode] Lu-Wi/Supporting Ryan Gielen
Mafia Negra D jala caer Gangster Mike Mic/Artesano Music/T
Craig T Morning Show Cop Z100/Craig T
1-800-RECYCLE Karate Master Ryan Gielen
Throw It Away Witness to the Crime Young Studio
Nutrisystem Football Fan Big Shot Pictures

download full resume: resume/paulmauriello.pdf

Height: 6 ft:
Eye Color: Blue
Age Range: 39-45
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair Color:
Dress and/or Suit size: 48L

Performance Skills: Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Improvisation, Voiceover, Stunts Athletic Skills: Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Softball, Boxing, Bowling, Baseball, Fencing, Swimming, Cycling, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Weight Lifting Accents: Australian, Russian, British, Italian, French, Southern, German

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