Miguel Arcángel Vega

Cover note:
Dear Directors, Casting Directors, Producers, and Agents: Since childhood, I was inspired by the entertainment industry and the acting talent that Hollywood can bring to TV, Film and Theatre. The abilities that an actor has in bringing a character to life, intrigues me. The ability to bring emotions to people's lives has contributed to my passion for acting. Although I am a beginner, I work well with others, take great direction, very eager to learn and passionate at everything I love. Acting being one of them. Recently, I decided to take on my acting career head on. A few days ago, I started taking classes and I fell in love with Acting once again. I have realized that this is my passion. The teacher, as well as many in the industry have informed me that I have got the talent and they see a successful actor. With your help and direction, I know that I can be very successful. I would be grateful to be given the opportunity to audition for you. To get the role, to get the experience, and built up my resume. Auditions are really important for me as well as your criticism and feedback. Also, I need some guidance in the professional acting courses so that I can pursue to increase my expertise in acing. My dream is to become a great and respected Actor. I would be very grateful if you show me how to reach the peak of success that you have managed to reach. Your advice is valuable to me. Thank you for your time and consideration. Yours sincerely, Miguel Arcangel Vega

download full resume: resume/miguelarcangelvega.pdf

Height: 5 ft: 9 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 32-38
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Dress and/or Suit size:


Voice-over languages: Spanish
Singer: (range unspecified)
Dance Skills: Dancer, Latin Rhythms, Broadway,

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