Montse Soto

(646) 270-4776

Cover note:
Montse Soto Leon is a young actress entitled in journalism by the University Autonomous of Barcelona with a decade of experience in public radio and public television of Spain. She has worked in areas such as theater, musical theater, dance, clown, poetry and song.

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Spanish Theatre
'Ser o no ser' Lubitsch Actriu Guillermo Ayesa
'La bona persona de Sezua Xen T├ę/Xui Ta T.M.Mirasol
'Si?' Operadora tel├Ęfon Ateneu de Cerdanyola
'El poema de nadal' J.M S Rapsode Esteve Polls
'Somni d'una nit d'estiu' Varis Tetrateatre
'Nit de Sant Joan' Dagoll Varis Tetrateatre
'L'Hostal de la Gl├▓ria' J Angeleta T.Uni├│
'Diògenes i Epicur' Noia banc muachi Oscar Borràs
Short Film
'Dejà vu' Esportista Rafel Barceló
'Qui corre vola' TV3 Voiceover
'Territoris Dansa' Voiceover Jordi Lara
'Les veus de la Mediterrà voiceover
'Nydia' TV3 Catalonia Tel Conductor and voic Jordi Lara
Radio 4 Diana Capdemarmol 'Una mala tarda...'Berto
Radio 4 Cultural News Nautilus
Radio 3 Mediterráneo Pilar Sampietro
'Enyorada Blancaneus'Radi Poesia Jordi Lara and Joan Punt
National Radio of Spain ( News Ojo Critico
Residus a AM Barcelona Voiceover Genlock Video

download full resume: resume/montsesoto.pdf

Height: 5 ft: 7 in.
Eye Color: Green
Age Range: 25-31
Weight: 149 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Dress and/or Suit size:


Voice-over languages: Spanish Catalán
Singer: Alto
Dance Skills: Modern, Flamenco,
Journalist, actress, poetry reciter, Catalan dancer, move well, clown(basic), pilates, kidboxing, trekking,licensed driver.

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