David Ruiz

(917) 586-9261

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Feature Film
Hecho en China Swat Officer Gabriel Guzman
Short Film
Scallywag Scallywag Van Nguyen
Deception Pedestrian Dan Lerner
Golden Boy highschool grad / ex Richard Shepard
Morir en Martes Swat Officer Gabriel Guzman

download full resume: resume/davidruiz.pdf

Height: 5 ft: 10 in.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Age Range: 25-31
Weight: 176 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Dress and/or Suit size:

Other talents
Stunt Person, Improvisation, level 2 at The PIT. Martial Arts: Bujinkan, Stunt falls, rolls, fights. Weapons handling: Katana, M4 Carbine. Raising one eyebrow.

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