Raúl Torres

SAG Eligible
(347) 733-1722

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Feature Film
Indigo Key. Agent Alexis. Wilton Reynoso
El Hijo Del Sur El Hijo Jose Menendez.
Cargo Raul Persona Films
I’m A Legend Evacuee Universal Prod.
Amateur Dictator. Dr. Reyes. Zach Carver.
Family Matters (As Days G Leon Ramirez AGOGO Prod.
Enemy Lines Det. Joaquin M. Jabari Gray
Sin Matador Pepo Zach Carver.
Another Day David Love B. Kazayee
Short Film
The Real Foundation The Rock ADLE Productions.
Australian Film Frederick Row NYA Productions
The Writers Meeting Rico ADLE Productions.
El Hijo Del Sur EL Hijo Jose Menendez
Today, Tomorrow and the D Pedro Mag Berger Films.
Forensic Files Detective Lopez Discovery Channel
Family on Fire Hugo Mike Stodden
Rescue Me (9/11) NYPD Detectve Sony Prod.
El Tio TV. Host 2 Seasons KP. Productions
Durham Soap Op. Patrick Apple Productions
Holt Documentary Milton Garcia CAT Productions
Nuevo Americans Antonio MEC, Active Eng
Men’s Health Lead IKM PRO NY

download full resume: resume/raultorres.pdf

download mp3: mp3/torrrau.mp3

Height: 6 ft: 3 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 32-38
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Dress and/or Suit size: 42L


Voice-over languages: Spanish
Singer: Baritone
Dance Skills: Latin Rhythms,
Other talents
Announcer, Interpreter/Translator, Narrator, Stunt Person, TRAINED ACTOR, VOICE OVER ARTIST

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