Laura G├│mez

(347) 564-0130
Tsu Tsu Unlimited
(212) 989-3424

Cover note:
Spanish Voice Over Talent * Professional Translator/Interpreter * Blogger:

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Nonsense Joan Florence Gould Theater
A Virtuous Burglar Ana The Tank Theater
Off-Off Broadway
Deadened Eye Myra National Comedy Theater
The Imp of Edgar A. Poe Marie Bonaparte Daryl Roth Theater
Spanish Theatre
Do├▒a Flor and her two hus Dionisia Repertorio Espa├▒ol
Ba├▒o de Damas Dilka Thalia/Pedro de Llano
Todos Menos Elizabeth Secretary Teatro Nacional (D.R.)
Blood Wedding Maid Repertorio Espa├▒ol
Nowhere in the Border Pilar Repertorio Espa├▒ol
Regional Theatre
The Vagina Monologues Various Roles (Lead) Gaia/ Lillian Ribeiro
University Theatre
Los Arboles Mueren de Pie Isabel Lidia Ariza
The Shoe Maker's wife Neighbor Germana Quintana
The House of Bernarda Alb Angustias Germana Quintana
Feature Film
Victims of Power Lead Adonai Films
The Tourist Bank Customer Paramount Pictures
Short Film
Cleaning Law (Co-star) Rod Lopez
Meat Head Co-star Danny Walton
The Weight of a Kiss Lead Dammy O'
Once Upon A Time In The M TV Hostess Arturo Rodriguez
Y Ahora Que!! TV Hostess Marina Frias
Miniseries De La Vida Rea Lead Micky Breton
Studio Rock Radio Host Fernando Vargas

Height: 5 ft: 5 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 25-31
Weight: 138 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Dress and/or Suit size: 6

Fluent in Spanish * Dialects (Dominican, Puerto Rican, Spaniard, Mexican, Argentinean) * Basic French * English-Spanish Translator & Interpreter * Swimming * Bicycling * Dancing (merengue & salsa) * Driving * Horseback Riding * Ice Skating * Rollerblading * Great with animals & children

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