Luis Galli

(646) 436-6735

Cover note:
HELLO I come from a family of artists but studied law. I came to NY and became a professional actor graduated from the Actor's Studio New School University. I also produce TV shows and work on stage, TV and Film. I ve worked on musicals off Broadway and danced with J.Lo at Inside the Actor's Studio. I can speak English, Spanish and French and can make latin accents in Spanish. I can also speak English with French, Italian, Middle Easter or Spanish accents if needed. I also work doing voice overs and dubbing. I will be DELIGHTED to work with you if you call me. THANK YOU. For more information please go to: * Luis is EQUITY-AEA and SAG elegible.

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Mid-Summer's Night Dream Peter Quince Stuart Vaughan
The Zombies a Musical Pedro Ralph Rivera/Max Resto/Tr
The talking dog Hang-glider 2 Monica Arazzi/Ronnit Muzk
Normal Heart Felix ASDS-Industry-Showcase
Off-Off Broadway
SolyLuna Benjamin, Son of the Danisarte
Toyer Peter Matson Elizabeth Kemp
Mami's Feast Malinche First Latino Showcase AS
Smile Robert Labyrinth theater company
Brief Conversations Ernesto Left Productions-Gloria Z
The House(Fringe Fest.) Cumhur Canta E.- Handan O.
M.Butterfly Song Liling Elizabeth Kemp
We Danced P.J. Kristen Kentner
All about my penis Actor 2 & 6 Marano Productions-Richmo
Fiat Kenneth Ronnit Muszkatbilt
Wound of Love Mason Elizabeth Kemp
At the table Marcio Lamicro theater - Pietro
Spanish Theatre
La Casa sin Reloj Pedro - Detective 2 Alex S.Jirau(Rep.Esp.)
El Coordinador Milan La Microtheater
El Viaje El Padre Sergio Arrau
Paichito, el pez inventor Narrador Vicky Paz (Peru)
La Muerte y la Doncella Dr. Roberto Miranda Eduardo Hopkins
Groenlandia Paul Lamicrotheater
La comedia de las equivoc Dromio de Efeso Teatro Universidad de Lim
La Cantante Calva Mr. Smith Eduardo Hopkins
Regional Theatre
The passion play (musical Petronious / Apostol Meryl Tanner
Feature Film
Teresa The Liberator's Fi Mariano de Aliaga/Ro CAS'Triangle Entertainmen
Christopher Columbus : Th Young man- Stand in Filmes do Tejo (Europe) M
El Cantante Man in the bar R-Caro / Icaso production
Zambra"El Flamenco" Ramon Varens Productions
Vidas Paralelas Lapiz Alas Peruanas - Rocio Lla
Short Film
The Magic Bread Man in the bakery NYFilm Academy - Zoe
The Guerrillas Hernan Russel Davies
Pina Colada Rocio's Husband University of Lima
Don't Worry Husband A.E.
El Milagro Julian Andrea Betanzos
Martin of Porres Notary Francisco Bla EWTN USA & Azul Corp Rube
Sabado Gigante NY Central Park PR Univision
Mini Series Traditions: S Sancho Davila Azul Corporation - Peru
Santa Rosa de Lima Doctor Juan del Cast EWTN USA & Azul Corp Rube
Inside the Actor's Studio Dance:Jennifer Lopez Bravo
Sendas Diferentes Musical Boyfriend Christian Abad
Puerto Rican Day Parade Pedestrian Department of Education
IBM The Brazilian Team Brazilian Executive Myriad Co

download full resume: resume/luisgalli.pdf

download mp3: mp3/gallluis.mp3

Height: 5 ft: 7 in.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Age Range: 32-38
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Dress and/or Suit size: 38R

Singer: Lyric Baritone
Other talents

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