Ariann Murad

(347) 856-8118

Cover note:
Hello! Telling you I’m committed, hard working and dedicated is implicit in the fact that I have chosen this crazy world as my career. What makes me different from other actors out there is the following: I’m a Mexican Canadian Jew, we are a rare species. You don’t really find many of us roaming around, so when you do, it is best to take advantage of our uniqueness. I have great grandparents from Russia, Poland, Iraq, and Iran as well as grandparents from Mexico and Canada. If you are looking for the new face for the United Nations, or a face to go next to the definition of the word “Diversity” in every dictionary, I’m your girl! I speak both English and Spanish fluently, and have been told that I have no Mexican accent when speaking English. However if you are looking for the Latin Mamasita Sofia Vergaraesque attitude/accent I’ve got that down as well. I am currently located in midtown Manhattan which means I can basically be anywhere in the city in 20 minutes or less, so at any moment’s notice I can be where you need me to be. I also have the possibility to travel internationally with short notice. I act, dance, sing and model, but if you need me to do anything else, I’m a very quick learner. I am loud, fearless, with a personality as wild as my hair. I’m a team player, I love working with people and will do everything in my power to make others’ visions come true. My personal philosophy regarding my career is this: An artist who is painting the ocean has a specific shade of blue in mind. At the store there are thousands of blues to choose from. But the artist has one exact shade in mind. It doesn’t mean all other shades suck. He just has a vision of that specific ocean with that specific shade of blue. I hope I can be that specific shade of blue that you are looking for. I look forward to meeting you!

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University Theatre
Perfect Pitch Lois Igor Goldin
Crossroads Ash Ray Virta
Feature Film
Que le dijiste a Dios? Dancer Teresa Suarez Maceiras
Short Film
Untitled Principal Dancer Charlie Jiaying
Committed Casey Lyn Que Ayoung
Casa de Adobe Andrea Ccanak Weingartshofer

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Height: 5 ft: 7 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 25-31
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Dress and/or Suit size: 4


Singer: Mezzo-Soprano
Dance Skills: Ballet, Modern, Broadway, Latin Rhythms, Choreographer, Dancer,
100% bilingual English and Spanish. Some Hebrew and Some French. Dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Salsa. Strong choreography skills. Has lived in three different countries Mexico, Canada and the USA (Idyllwild,CA and New York). Currently assisting in the planning and coordination of events at the Regional Office of the Mexico Tourism Board, part of the Mexican government. Extra work in movies such as ̈Hands of Stone ̈ featuring Robert De Niro and ̈Listen Up Phillip ̈featuring Jason Schwartzman. Commercial and Modeling experience Can change a tire and a light bulb. Excellent cook and baker ; decorates beautiful cakes and makes the best ceviche. Can successfully build IKEA furniture and have no leftover parts.

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