Berenice Di Piazza

(917) 254-9983

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
The Longest Night Ximena Vanguardia Theater
Kick Death In The Teeth Tammy Puerto Rican Travel Theat
Spanish Theatre
El Gallo Rojo Mercedes ( Lead) Mercedes Asmondi/Gloria Z
Two Women Alone Marta ( Lead ) ACE A Cecil Villar Festival Can
The Inmigrants Tatiana ( Lead ) Dinora Coronado
La Remolienda Yola Peter Dubo
Without Documents or The Alicia Cecil Villar / Byron Duqu
University Theatre
Green as Like Green Garci Monologue Camilo Bentacour
In Family Mercedes/Laura (Lead Jorge Triador
Feature Film
One Life Last Dance Zully Jonathan Elmore/Pendulum
Mi Querido Hereje Beatriz Hermes Millan
The Coop Ana Michael Calderon
The Red Corvette Tina Frank Lissi
Without Destiny Laura Luis Varela
Code Pisces Dancer Vincent Parco
The Last Script Vero Gabriel Scollozcy
Lavoe Club Scene Anthony Felton
Woodstock Holiday Kerrie Sik Hott Pictures
"Yolanda" "Yolanda" Origo Media Productions
El Palenque Veronica Univision/Unimax
UnReal TV Pilot Lola (Lead) NutBuquetFlms
The Black Donnelly's Sophy NBC
Loving Leyna Improv/different rol Marialana DiMarzio CTV Wa
Angelica Angelica Manjit Jhita
Womanity brought by Thier myself South America Microsoft & Thierry Mugle
Nuevo Americano Alicia Working Pictures

download full resume: resume/berenicedipiazza.pdf

Height: 5 ft: 3 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Age Range: 25-31
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Dress and/or Suit size: 2


Singer: Mezzo-Soprano
Dance Skills: Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Choreographer, Latin Rhythms,
Other talents
Composer, Dance Coach, Interpreter/Translator, Write and Speak fluent, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and French. I speak different Spanish Dialects, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Argentinian , Colombian, mexican and from Spain. Songwriter, Choreographer, Host, American and European Passport up to date to travel abroad

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