Nelson Landrieu

(914) 912-6306  
Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, and Doherty (Commercial)
(212) 477-1666
Fifi Oscard Agency (Legit)
(212) 764-1100

(partial listing, please use link below to download full resume, if available.)
Chronicle Of A Death... Colonel Aponte Lincoln Center
Yepeto Professor (lead) PR Traveling Theater
Happy Birthday Mama Osvaldo (lead) PR Traveling Theater
Ceremony for a Blackman Vincent (lead) PR Traveling Theater
Spanish Theatre
Happily Mad Román Spanish Rep. Co.
Don Juan Tenorio Don Juan Spanish Rep. Co.
Romeo and Juliet Tybalt & Mercutio Spanish Rep. Co.
Blood Wedding Groom Spanish Rep. Co.
La Celestina Calisto Spanish Rep. Co.
Regional Theatre
Bonfire at Dawn Bartolomé DeLasCasa GALA Theater, D.C.
Crazy for Life Román GALA Theater, D.C.
Quintuplets Papa Morrison Penn Stage
Feature Film
The Interpreter Principal Sidney Pollack
Random Hearts Principal Sidney Pollack
Waking The Dead Principal Keith Gordon
Anne B. Real Principal Urban Dreams Productins
Rhythm of the Saints Principal Cynalex Productions
Naked Under Heaven Principal Tareco Productions
Short Film
Summer of My Dreams Principal Dir. Maria Norman
Shelter Principal Whirlgig Productions
Physical Therapy Principal Film Brewery Prods.
Law & Order Principal Dir. James Quinn
Law & Order Principal Dir. Don Scardino
Law & Order Principal Dir. Ed Sharin
America's Most Wanted Principal Dir. Murray Bruce
One Life To Live Principal ABC
Spin City Featured ABC

download full resume: resume/nelsonlandrieu.pdf

Height: 6 ft: 1 in.
Eye Color: Light Brown
Age Range: 46-52
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Dress and/or Suit size: 44L

Voice-over languages: Spanish
Other talents
Director, Narrator,

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