10th Annual HOLA Awards
October 26, 2009
Photos by A. Ruiz Photography

image 7850
HOLA Director of Special Events Manuel Herrera and a group of volunteers checked in attendees.

image 7855
Director Barry Primus, HOLA awardee Julie Arenal and HOLA Executive Board member Manny Alfaro.
image 7875
Actors Ricardo Barber, René Buch, HOLA awardee Denise Quiñones, actor/producer Miriam Colón-Valle and actor/writer/producer Belange Rodríguez.

image 7874
Actor/writer/producer Dr. Manuel A. Morán and HOLA Associate Director A.B. Lugo.
image 7860
XXXX, actor Lucía Armendáriz, HOLA Board Chairman Gonzalo Armendáriz and HOLA Executive Director Manny Alfaro.
image 7890
Actors Tony Plana and Gy Mirano.
image 8240
HOLA Board President Manolo García Oliva and HOLA awardee Marcelo Rodríguez.
image 8239
HOLA awardee Ricardo Gómez addresses the crowd.
image 7891
HOLA awardee Luis Antonio Ramos poses besides a bust of Raúl Juliá.
image 7913
Screen Actors guild representative Marlena Fitzpatrick García, HOLA awardee Luis Carlos de La Lombana and HOLA Executive Director Manny Alfaro.
image 7908
Master of ceremonies Mario Bósquez, actor Laura Patalano and mistress of ceremonies Odalys Molina.
image 7892HOLA awardee Luis Antonio Ramos, XXXX, actor/producer Miriam Colón Valle and HOLA awardee Marga Gómez.

image 8258
HOLA awardee David Álvarez.
image 8285
HOLA awardee Denise Quiñones.
image 7939
HOLA awardees Selenis Leyva, Beatriz Córdoba, Rosie Berrido and Soledad López flank presenter A.B. Lugo.
image 7867
Casting directors Elsie C. Stark, John Hicks (??) and Elizabeth Gans pose with actor and HOLA Board member Edouard DeSoto.
image 7876
HOLA awardee Nelson Landrieu and actor Wanda Arriaga.

HOLA awardees Frank Rodríguez, María Vidal and Marga Gómez with presenters Lucía Armendáriz and Tony Plana.

image 7931
HOLA Executive Director Manny Alfaro, HOLA awardee David Álvarez, actor/director
Yanek González de Álvarez.

imaqe 8323
HOLA awardee Silvia Brito.

HOLA mistress of ceremonies Odalys Molina.
image 8186
HOLA master of ceremonies Mario Bósquez.


10th Annual HOLA Awards
October 26, 2009
Photos courtesy Esmeralda Magazine

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